How to choose a tutor

How to choose a tutor that is not sorry for taking the money spent and irreversibly lost time?

A good teacher does not take the impossible tasks in advance - for example, to prepare the student with almost zero initial level of knowledge for entry exam for two weeks. So our advice is, rather, intended for those prudent people who are planning a long-term preparation right from September.

In case of lack of money for classes during the school year you can begin classes in January - but in a more intense mode. This option can be selected by those who enter the university the second consecutive year and it is better not to lose the first half of the school year, and make the most to be trained in other ways - on their own, on courses, with teaching CDs or remotely.

Good teachers usually begin classes in September, and in January, it may be that all the teachers are already occupied. Therefore, it is desirable to seek and agree in advance so then not to have to choose the worst.

The most reliable source is the so-called "word of mouth". Typically, this source does not lie, but it is not devoid of subjectivity. If you do not have relatives or friends in mind of a good tutor, meet with the students of your desired university and ask them about tutor.

Also, you can look for coaches directly at the university. Since the visitors’ entrance is usually closed, you can enter a university during the open day or enrolling in training courses. There you will meet with the teachers and establish contact with them, and only then they will give the phone of a reliable tutor. But it is usually reluctant to give, because this teacher has already many who want to engage with him. Good teachers are struggled for, and they do not need to arrange a free trial lesson, promotions or leave home.

The easiest way is to find a teacher on an ad on the Internet or in the newspaper (ads on poles are left by those who do not know how to use more modern methods of advertising). However, this method is most fraught with risk to experience the lack of professionalism of teachers (this upscale tutor does not have to look hard to imagine the students: they asked to be taken). It is desirable to call to 15-20 candidates. The best recommendation for the teacher is the fact of entering of those who studied with him before. Ask clarifying questions about the experience, expertise, price, time and place of employment, and so on. This will help to make the choice.

It is desirable to separate those who undertake to teach any subject, and anyone - from children to adult. If the tutor agrees on anything - it's a sign of unprofessionalism and a desperate need for money. "Various" teachers know a lot of things, but "on top" while fidelity to the same topic gives teachers the opportunity to study it in the subtleties and nuances.

And parents should not boast of their virtues in a conversation with a potential coach because he can simply refuse employment. After all, for teacher it is an important ability to "put in place" with whom he is engaged. If parents start to defy their regalia and social status, tutor will begin to suspect that their child probably difficult to handle not only his parents but also teachers.

Agency for selection of coaches is for the busiest. When the parents contact to there so they and child do not have the time and expertise to find a teacher themselves. This service can cost $ 250-300, but the quality is not guaranteed, because not all agencies value their reputation: for some more it is important to make a profit right now.


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