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Today, English has become a truly international language of the world. It is the language of science, air transport, computer and the Internet. French businessman negotiates with German partners in English. Possessing even the most minimal knowledge of the language, you will not be gone anywhere in the world. Anyway, the English language has become a key language in the world.


CHOOSE but verify

How to choose the language courses for your child?

Today, children have the opportunity to acquire new knowledge, not only for school. Foreign language courses offer a sufficient choice of programs for different levels of knowledge, and for different purposes: preparing for UNT, international exams, for communication. Try to understand what is necessary to pay attention, preferring whatever language courses.



Someone studies English at school, someone a couple of years with a tutor, someone goes every summer on vacation to London ... In short, everybody has different starting level. A good course offers free testing and interviews to assess the knowledge of the child. So the first is TESTING.



The second is a textbook. They were written by a great many, including the Russian authors. But the best are those which are recognized by linguists worldwide. Modern colorful books of «Longman», «Oxford», and «Cambridge» publishers were proven language schools in many countries only the positive side.


What and how to TEACH

Third is METHODS. There are classic and communicative methods of teaching a foreign language. The first is well-known to those who worked with a tutor or remember the school lessons. Communicative approach suggests a relaxed atmosphere; the language itself is absorbed in the course of communication. Activities are designed to develop listening, speaking, reading. They are seen as an exciting event during which children learn to perceive the English language - listening to songs, and training discs, watching cartoons. It uses audio and video technology, computers, and literature in English.



It is clear that such an effective way of language acquisition involves a group lesson, occupancy which should not exceed 6-8 persons. With this students number teacher can give attention to everyone, this group is easily split into pairs to practice communication skills, and teacher can organize a communicative game, which will be open to all. The fourth is the number of people in the group.



Fifth is a teacher. This is one of the most important criteria for your evaluation. Training success depends largely on their personal and professional skills. The teacher should be trained on the subject of experience. And the age is not to experience. Much more important, if they have been trained within the company. As a rule, teachers of good courses have foreign certificates of advanced training, confirming the high level of language proficiency and knowledge of techniques, that is, the ability to communicate professionally and teach material available to the children and get the desired result.


Achievement and success

Ask what success students of courses have achieved in language learning. How they passed tests and UNT, exams at Cambridge University (if they received a certificate confirming possession of a certain level of language). What are the reviews of residents about the courses, whether they have a website, and what they say on the forums.

Finally, find out whether there is a free lesson in the courses in which you will be able to see firsthand the classes and teachers, feel the atmosphere, to evaluate the certificates.

We hope that these tips will help you avoid mistakes and select high-quality language courses. If you are thinking about it, then you understand that learning language - is the future of your children. This is a real chance to get an interesting, well-paid job, to feel free, while in any country of the world, it is an opportunity to communicate with people of different nationalities.

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