Private schools 

8 reasons to choose a private school


  1. You know that investment in education is always pays off.

Back in the 80s of the last century, American social scientists believed that a good education pays 300% every year over the next 30 years. Since then, the value of education is growing.

The problem of a really good school is to teach the child to learn. If the child has not acquired a steady interest in the acquisition of knowledge at school, further investments in education are unprofitable.


2. You can trust your child only to school with an impeccable reputation.

Choosing a school is to focus only on the facts and the opinions of the people you trust. Key facts: how many years the school runs in its present status, the average experience of the teaching staff, which rewards teachers have. Pay attention to the results of state examinations, students win in contests and competitions. Visit the school web site and the Open Day, see school news. For example, if a school "with a bias," but students do not take prizes in competitions in core subjects, it is an occasion to think seriously.


Opinion: try to communicate with the parents of pupils of school, people from the state education authorities listen to their advice.


3. Care for the child's social circle.

And children and parents more comfortable communicate with people in their social circle and their level of intellectual development. In order to provide children with a decent level of education in the classroom should be 12 to 15 people, and they must be able to assimilate new knowledge.


4. The health development of the child is your priority.

It is necessary to choose a school with a complex approach to health. Firstly, the usage of health-saving technologies in teaching. Secondly, continuous medical and psychological support. Third, indoor and outdoor sports facilities, where all students are engaged in sports clubs, dance clubs in the afternoon. Fourth, adequate nutrition under the supervision of physicians.


5. Do you plan to send a child to foreign universities or leading universities in Russia.

Find out what Russian and foreign universities students of this school enter. The major schools profiled training in subjects is taught by teachers of the leading universities of the country under the program of higher education.


Pay special attention to language training: training abroad, the presence of teachers of native speakers. Some schools are authorized test centers for receiving international exams. For example, Cambridge ESOL or Pearson Tests of English.


6. You want to be confident in the safety of the child.

Nowadays, the safety of children is not empty words. We need a school where even at the first interview you can be described in detail and demonstrated all the necessary measures for the protection of children.


7. The school must deal with the harmonious development of personality.

Respectable schools develop harmonious development of personality. Find out about all the possibilities of additional education - clubs, studios, which are in school, because children spend up to 70% of their time at school extended day. Be sure to check the possibility of specialized education. So far, if the state structures are only developing such projects, leading private school are carrying out specialized education with subjects for several years. In addition, some of  are basic school of leading universities.


8. You used to calculate your investment, including in education.

In a private school, you are responsible to pay for all education services. The work of teachers, day-care educators, specialists of further education, good health food, the work of doctors, psychologists, trainers, textbooks, excursions and many other things that loving parents do for their children cost no less than the monthly payment at a private school.

Желтоксан, 69а
факс +7 (727) 279−92−73
тел. +7 (727) 279−97−36
тел. +7 (727) 279−43−38

Аль-Фараби проспект, 190

Утеген батыра, 102а
тел. +7 (727) 395−65−44
тел. +7 (727) 395−65−85

Арман (Калкаман 2), 168
тел. +7 (727) 317−84−77
тел. +7 (727) 393−86−81
тел. +7 (727) 393−86−84

Шоссейная (Карасу), 11Б
тел. +7 (727) 338−31−13
тел. +7 (727) 329−96−85
тел. +7 (727) 329−57−12

Утеген батыра, 102а
тел. +7 (727) 395−33−54
тел. +7 (727) 395−33−50
факс +7 (727) 243−61−02

Досмухамедова, 23
факс +7 (727) 397−84−93
тел. +7 (727) 397−84−94

Панфилова, 52 — 1-2 этаж
факс +7 (727) 271−32−12
тел. +7 (727) 271−39−18

Мынбаева, 12а
тел. +7 (727) 245−32−86
тел. +7 (727) 245−32−12
факс +7 (727) 277−63−68

Торайгырова, 43
тел. +7 (727) 226−81−10
факс +7 (727) 226−79−77


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