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How to choose a kindergarten


It is rare that the urban family can afford a home parenting of a child before school. As a rule, if not in one and a half, then three years after the birth mother goes to work. It remains to decide - who will stay with the child during her absence, will give him love, teach him and fully develop. Usually there are three options: a grandmother, a nanny and a kindergarten, and most parents choose the last social service.


Classification of kindergartens focus - what they are


Kindergarten is the most common type of state preschool educational institution. It provides supervision, care and rehabilitation, education and upbringing of children. Kindergartens are different in various educational programs. Kindergarten of general developmental priority with implementation of any direction or directions of student development - physical, intellectual, artistic and aesthetic. Nursery care and sanitation works, with an emphasis on hygiene, preventive and curative measures and procedures. Child Development Center is Kindergarten. In these centers there are a game and fitness center, art studio, computer lab, children's theater, a swimming pool. It adopts an integrated approach to work with children - carried out the physical and mental development, compensation, and the emphasis is on the intellectual, artistic and aesthetic development. Kindergarten of combined type includes several different groups: general developmental, compensatory, recreational, as well as in various combinations. Kindergarten of compensating priority with the implementation of qualified correction. These nurseries take children with different pathologies, such as mental retardation, with tuberculous intoxication, violation of the musculoskeletal system, hearing-impaired, with speech disorders, visually impaired, with intellectual disabilities, sickly children. Medical qualifications work in these kindergartens, and for children there are special circumstances - sometimes diet, swimming pools, saunas, massage rooms, a small number of children in groups. In kindergartens of compensating type teachers do not only treat, but also educate and train under a special program. In these kindergartens there are counseling centers where parents can get tips, advice, how to act in a particular case. To get to compensating kindergarten you need necessary direction of a pediatrician and help from experts on the profile of the kindergarten.


Four types of kindergartens


In addition to the classification of orientation, kindergartens are divided into four groups: municipal, departmental, private (commercial) and domestic (family). Depending on the type of kindergarten courses will vary and the number of children in the group, and the quality of food and toys, and even a largely psychological atmosphere. Municipal kindergartens are our own childhood. Here much depends on the head or director - under equal conditions, some kindergartens are known in the neighborhood, and all parents try to take a place a few years before. In the public kindergartens there are "educational program", walking, gymnastics, modeling, painting and music. Some provide additional paid services here you have the right to refuse, even if all the other parents in the group want to use them.


Pros of municipal kindergarten:


-          little cost. It is set by law and is 7,500 tenge a month. There are categories of beneficiaries, for example, single mothers, mothers of many children, widows, etc.

-          proximity to home. Besides the fact that doctors do not recommend to carry the baby in the garden, if the trip takes more than 20 minutes in a nearby garden the child will have the opportunity to make friends, with whom he will be able to spend his free time and on weekends.


Cons of municipal kindergarten:


-          too much fullness of groups. 25-30 people for public kindergarten are not a rarity. As a result parents have to teach reading or writing at home, as the teacher does not have time to explain the strange moments to that amount of pupils.

-          poor quality of care and supervision, uniformity in the classroom. An individual approach to each child is not in question. In part it is also caused by the problem of "overpopulation."

-          the absence of any nutritional delicacies. If a child refuses to eat any food, he would have to be hungry until the next meal.


Choosing the best municipal kindergarten


-          Many kindergartens has real queue. To give a three year old child there parents must take place immediately after birth - and this, unfortunately, is not an exaggeration. You can take place in several kindergartens, to allow time for the final selection.

-          Find out if the kindergarten has so-called "adaptive group." It is designed for young children who have never attended kindergarten.

-          Learn mode of kindergarten. All public gardens are divided into 12-hour, 14-hour and around the clock. There is a mode of ten or five-hour stay. By the way, if the teachers try to demand from parents to take children earlier so it is their personal initiative, for which they have no right. So-called "short days" are also a violation of the law; kindergarten should work the same on all working days.

-          Pay attention to the number of children in the group and the number of teachers. In the municipal kindergartens happen violations of the Model provisions on preschool (pre-school educational institutions), according to which the group should have no more than 20 children and 2 tutors - one on the first shift and the second one, and 1 assistant (nanny) work with them. They are staffers. But sometimes due to lack of funding such an assistant may not have been all the features of the nurse the teacher takes on.

Майлина, 17а
факс +7 (727) 383−86−88
тел. +7 (727) 392−77−92

Тургут Озала, 30/1
тел. +7 (727) 270−19−68
тел. +7 (727) 270−19−66

Айнабулак 3-й микрорайон, 165Б
тел. +7 (727) 234−28−49

12-й микрорайон, 11а
тел. +7 (727) 374−99−95
тел. +7 (727) 374−99−96

Новая (Карасу), 255
тел. +7 (727) 380−94−27

Кулагер микрорайон, 52а
тел. +7 (727) 239−95−39
тел. +7 (727) 239−99−52

5-й микрорайон, 46
тел. +7 (727) 249−39−99
тел. +7 (727) 249−38−96

Кожедуба, 38
тел. +7 (727) 380−12−68
тел. +7 (727) 380−12−52
тел. +7 (727) 380−09−39

Жанкожа Батыра (Шанырак 2), 193
тел. +7 (727) 380−87−63
тел. +7 (727) 275−85−42

Жетысу 2-й микрорайон, 1а
тел. +7 (727) 226−01−04
тел. +7 (727) 226−27−52


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