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Children's centres in Almaty
Some 10 years ago among parents Almaty has been heavy disputes on the need to drive children in childcare centers, educational centers. Many parents felt that it wasted time and money spent.

But time passed and many became clear that the earlier we pay attention to the harmonious development and education of the child, the greater the chance in future to become successful and happy. And if there was a demand, the law of the market should increase and supply and services for early childhood development offered now at every step. And indeed it is. Now the main question parents is not "should we visit the children's center", and "how to choose children's centre".

In Almaty in recent years, children's educational centres are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. They are called differently: the child development center, development centers, child development centers, schools of early development. At first glance it seems that almost all of them offer the same thing: the same songs, poems and jokes, the same pictures on the walls. But still have to make a choice. First, let's see what You and Your child need and what questions you need to answer.

When to start early development
There is scientific evidence that even at the earliest stages of brain development it requires not only nutrition, but also stimulation. Words, simple words, our brain needs training from the start. In the history of Europe known case of flagrant experiment of one nobleman, who taking away babies from their mothers, put them in a separate room and put him deaf nurses who have been prescribed only to dress and feed infants. As a result of this horrible experiment, all the babies died! It is also possible to cite cases where children come as infants to wild animals, and returned to human society in the age of 5-6 years could never learn to speak, write or read.

These examples prove the importance of development and training kids from the very first days of life. That is to say that early development should begin immediately after birth. Of course no one is saying that the day after discharge from the hospital need to run to school early development. At first the child is missing his mother's nursery rhymes and rhymes. Talk often with Your toddler, tell him everything that surrounds us, let his toys be different to the touch, making him a massage, sing songs.

100 years ago it was proved that the time from birth to 6 years is the Foundation for future development. According to the study, by 6 months the brain is 50% of its capacity, and to 3 years is almost 70-80%.
Thus, we can safely say that in the first 3 years of life already should pay attention to early development.
How to select a child center in Almaty

How to decide which early learning center perfect for practice with the child the best?
There are two aspects: first, the environment in which to engage Your child, and, secondly, who will teach the class with the child.

Children's centres Almaty offer a variety of programs for children 2, 3, 5 and so on years of life. Also many schools of early development of Almaty have the integrated programme, i.e. including activities like dancing, drawing, early development, or preparation for school (depending on the age of the child), foreign languages.

Many centers of early development Almaty offer special activities for children during the summer, when many of them open camps.

Another is to pay attention to safety. Of course, with kids You will be able to attend classes. But older children need to leave the classroom and do not always have the opportunity to sit for several hours near the offices. Therefore, the protection of children in the center – this is a very important aspect.

It is also important to listen to your child. Of course, it is not necessary at the first shouts of the child "will Not go to class" to change the center of development. But you should really know what is causing this behavior. Perhaps the child is not interested, and lessons are not thought through to the end. Perhaps the teacher behaves tactless with children in the absence of parents.

And of course, pay attention to the results of this training. As mentioned above, a good children's centers of early development must be the curriculum, i.e. the teacher should know exactly what topics and at what time it needs to present to the children. And You, as a responsible parent can and should monitor the progress of learning. This way You will also show your children that their classes are very important to You. And it means a lot to a child, because everything he does in the first years of life, he does for their parents.


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